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USA Security Officers
Universal Security Alliance's commitment to our clients begins with a commitment to hire, train, and maintain quality officers. We carefully select candidates who undergo several trainings in order to be prepared for the field. USA officers train not only in general security measures, but are also pre-trained on the specific needs and requirements of your location. They undergo performance evaluations and quality assurance measures to ensure that our security officers maintain and surpass implemented standards.
USA officers are trained on the following:
USA officers are trained on the following:
•Customer Service
•Report Writing
•Access Control
•Proper Patrol Procedures
•Effective Communication Methods
•Fire Safety
•Attention to Detail
•Vehicle Patrol Safety
•Emergency Management and Control
•Baton, Pepper Spray and Weapon Safety
Officer Selections:
Officer Selections:
•Uniformed Officers
•Undercover Officers
•Security Patrols
•Personal Protection
•Secret Shoppers
•Armed Officers
•Unarmed Officers
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